The Catholic Church Is Recycled Islam

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The Catholic Church Is Recycled Islam

The Catholic Church Is Recycled Islam – The Islamic religion started in the region of the ancient Assyrian empire. Its capital was Babylon and from there it spread out over the then known world where it was often given new names as religious branches sprung up. Zoro-Aster is the first known name revealed and it means ‘morning sun’ or ‘dawn’s star’. It was this first appearance of the celestial body as it crossed the horizon that prompted an entirely new look at matters of the after-life and the laws of the land.

As the rays split into the characteristic colors of dawn for a brief second or two the right angled cross appears in the center. The same image can be artificially created by causing the light to pass through a hole in a solid body, for example a stone. Instruments of this nature were adopted by nations as gods and they appear regularly throughout the archaeological records. Held aloft on props they were worshipped as people gathered to see the spectacle and be overawed by it.

This same image can be seen by anyone. It appears in the center of the perpetually moving rings of colored light when a piece of cardboard is held up through which a small hole has been drilled. It only works, however, when the sun is low on the horizon to form the symbol.

This gathering and sight occurred on mountain peaks where the horizon could be gazed at and many cities were built around such sites, including Jerusalem. That explains why they are built in difficult places and are well off trade routes of the time.

The crowd was there for the mother’s light and it is expressed as ‘ma-s’ where [S] is an early symbol for light and spirit. ‘Mas’ became ‘mass’ for both a congregation and for a sacred service. In time men decided they could die on the sun symbol and rise at dawn with that body into the heavens. It caused many to sacrifice their lives in this manner.

When knowledge of reproduction came about following domestication of animals around 4,000 years ago men decided they could fertilise the sun and bring more prosperity to the earth. They were then deemed gods in their own right. Big Men rose from the crowd as better gods and then finally the kings took over. They promised that when they rose to heaven they would greatly reward their followers and anyone serving them when they were dead.

This caused temples, pyramids and other buildings to be constructed for the housing of the king’s body in luxury while grave goods demonstrate everything to make their rise to the heavens worthwhile. Many servants died with them to continue their service to the king.

This was the ancient form of Islam and it went into Egypt, Africa, India, the Asian regions, the Americas and into Europe. It was even practiced at Stonehenge, as evidence shows. In the northern European Scandinavian countries images were etched on walls and rock caves to show men rising upwards clinging to the circle and cross as kites. They displayed huge penises, a head of a bird, and wings. They were, in fact, an ancient version of angels.

They also have a sword at their sides to fight off any opposition from other god-men who died and rose to father the new life. With the number of men performing this ritual the place up there was considered very crowded while the Mother God, the sun, was surrounded by many mates. The hill where such a ceremony took place was the ‘h-or’ or ‘hill of the sun’. The letter [h] is a Greek addition for ‘the seat of Zeus’. From this origin the term ‘whore’ was derived, as noted in Revelation 17.

The sun bore the name ‘Ma-r-i’ that translates as ‘mother’s powerful eye’ and it is Mary in English. The Catholic Church was established by Constantine in 325AC (after Caesar) and he elected Mary as the Mother of God for his image that he invented, that is Jesus Christ (Revelation 13:13-18). It was an easy switch from Mother God to Mother of God. This was the origin of Christianity as there was none before this time.

Constantine’s heritage was of the Amors who built Rome on seven hills after their previous capital, Mari, was destroyed by earthquake. It also resided on seven hills as does Roma. That reversed is Amor and ‘amore’ is the Italian for ‘love’. The work of this emperor went forward as another form of Islam and from it has grown all the branches that are trying now to escape their roots in the Babylon of Revelation 17.

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